[gif] ~Where is her case? Did she eat it? ~Obviously.

bbc sherlock a study in pink nom > I finally found this goofy gif by ShockingBlankets! I love the shockingblankets gifs!

[gif set] "Think it through next time." - A Study in Pink

[gif set] I love John's expressions, and Sherlock's quote! <--- And I love that Sherlock looks so disturbed when John says "friend". <<<but my favorite face is John's in the last one.

The Sherlock fandom has had a lot of time to find stuff like this

"Just when I thought the Sherlock fandom was running out of details to notice, this happened." This show can always amaze me,

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marie-turner: “Let’s Kill Hiatus Graphics Battle December round – Christmas at Baker Street Christmas comes to Baker Street not by the calendar, but by the police reports ))) ”

Some fun stuff for you :)

Burst with excitement!

A theory on the one unexplained thing in A Study in Pink: did Sherlock pick the right bottle? Quite interesting and clever. I am also a big fan of the theory that the poison was in the water with which the cabbie usually took the pill.

Canon parallels/references in A Study in Pink - I was totally squeeing from joy during this scene! I knew exactly what they were referencing...lol

Canon parallels/references in A Study in Pink

A Study in Pink vs A Study in Scarlet<--I just read a study in scarlet and don't remember reading that.

GUYS. GUYS. It's a manga version of Sherlock "A Study in Pink." Everyone must read it.

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