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A level maths syllabus

Newman's prompts- Finding out why students make mistakes/ Australian educator Anne Newman (1977) suggested five significant prompts to help determine where errors may occur in students attempts to solve written problems. She asked students 5 questions (noted @ link) as they attempted problems.


Numbers up to 1000 Workbook A

This workbook is rather comprehensive and based on Singapore Primary 2 / Grade 2 Math Syllabus. It is the easiest level. There is a link to the on...


CTE - Writing a Syllabus (from beginning to end, provides great resources including a Word document template)

Cambridge A Level Maths. Endorsed by the University of Cambridge International Examinations, our new A Level series provides comprehensive support for the many routes through the flexible Cambridge syllabus (9709). £13.99 each.

Bukit Timah Road

JC Math Tuition board-casts are free math tuition lessons on YouTube. These videos are based on Singapore’s GCE O levels and A levels (H2) math syllabus.

Primary Maths - Topical Tests in Mathematics. This is a series of six books, one for each primary level, written to provide the student with practice according to topics in the syllabus.

Carom Maths provide this resource which contains a collection of 40 Powerpoint presentations that include activities, designed by Jonny Griffiths, to explore mathematics not found on the A Level syllabus. It is a useful reference for teachers who want to give students the opportunity of learning something new, as well as challenging, and contains original material.