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Life at Little Burrow. ( Adorable, but because it's pinterest i had to classify; embroidery,assemblage,miniature contained world, poetry, fairytale? ELM)


All time low, asking alexandria, price the veil, Sleeping with sirens, mice and men, attack attack, a day to remember, and soo much more<<<<<<YEP

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Friday's FAB 5

Feast of Beltane Long ago, Celts celebrated Beltane, which was a calendar feast that welcomed summer. Bonfires figured largely into this celebration, and some activities included dancing around the fire, burning effigies of witches(?), and herding cattle in between bonfires. Fire was seen as a purifying source. In recent years, neopagans have begun to celebrate Beltane once more.

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Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (1937)

Snow White is a classic Disney princess who 'needs' a man to rescue her. I have decided that my character will be the complete opposite; she is a much more modern day Disney character who seeks adventure and focuses solely on her kingdom.


I feel you!! I'm a teen and I watch this and was bullied a bit but I absolutely love it!! I cry when they do, laugh when they do.. I suffer severe depression and Fairy Tail takes it away. I have fallen in love with the characters and I don't give a damn what anyone else has to say because as long as FT makes you smile, YOU KEEP WATCHING AND SMILING


I loved my Fisher Price record player but when we moved house (before I was a teen) it didn't come with us, so a few years ago I bought myself a replacement!