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9/11 Truth for Dummies(( the info that we were told that proves there's more to the story,, all in a little nutshell for pinterest))

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911 remarkable facts!.... AND... The commission investigating the largest terror attack on American soil was only given $15 million to do so.......the investigation into impeaching Pres. Clinton was given over 3 times that amount.

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911 #conspiracy oh and fyi all the "data" was in building 7 the Salomon Building. Which just fell down for no apparent reason. (y)

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The Federal Reserve - a privately owned Rothschild, cental banking cartel charging taxpayers interest on money they print out of thin air since 1913.

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Conspiracy Nuts Keep Essential Dialogue From Answeing Unanswered Questions!

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For the love of money is the root of all kinds of evil. Who will profit from war?Who wants to create a NWO, to have all (financial) power?

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