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Harry Potter has given the world,a source of puns and memes. A post to bring to you some the ‘funniest’ from the world of Harry Potter.

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This photo game me chills because it makes it real...the fact that Matt is no longer The Doctor. I'm excited to see Peter as The Doctor. But it hurts to see my Doctor's face in the background, faded, no longer front and center. It hurts that my Doctor has to leave after all the laughs he gave me and all the tears, the warm moments. I feel like I'm losing a friend that I grew to love so deeply. I'll miss you, raggedy man, but I'll be here for you for whatever lies ahead.

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Inside Atlanta's most expensive home: With 11 bathrooms, nine bedrooms, a movie theater and SEVEN kitchens you'd never have to leave

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11- Matt Smith was my doctor. Not because he's young and cute (because he definitely is), but because I joined Who with him as the current. He'll always be the doctor for me, and it's going to hurt so bad to see him go.

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Kenai & Koda - Brother Bear / Disney Inspired - Movie Art Poster

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Harry Potter Poster Art Print, Hogwarts Travel Poster, Vintage Railway poster, Poster, Movie Poster

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The Grand Budapest Hotel Poster, Artwork by Jordan Bolton - A2

An A2 original artwork for Wes Andersons The Grand Budapest Hotel, made by recreating unique objects from the film.

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