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Q Power Q-Power 10" Single Sealed Subwoofer Box / 12 x 12 x 12 SOLO10-1HOLE, #Q Power 8-Inch Subwoofers

Want to make big bass but only have a little space? No sweat; we’ve got you covered with our exclusive Bassworx loaded subwoofer enclosures! If you’ve got a little more space & need a little more bass, then go for our dual setup with a pair of 8-inch subwoofers for a total of 300 watt RMS mounted in a slot-ported double box. And now, for those who need a sightly smaller option, we’re excited to offer our brand new single setup consisting of one 8-in 150 watt RMS subwoofer in a smaller box.

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8: Hifonics BRZ15D4 Vented Bass Package - 2) 15-Inch Subwoofers, 2 Ch. Amp, Box & Wire

Q Power Q-Power 15" Dual Sealed Subwoofer Box / 34 x 16.5 x 13 SOLO15-2HOLE, #Q Power 8-Inch Subwoofers

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"Supply all kinds of 80w subwoofer,subwoof box 8 inch,subwoofer led water fountain speaker"

Single Car Truck Wedge Black Subwoofer Box Sealed Enclosure for 8-Inch Woofer 8F #gadgets #electronics #digital #mobile

Car Black Subwoofer Box Sealed Automotive Enclosure for Two 8-Inch Woofers 8D - #8Inch, #Automotive, #Black, #Enclosure, #Sealed, #Subwoofer, #Woofers #Car-Subwoofers, #Electronics

Q Power 15-Inch Dual Sealed Subwoofer Box Enclosure VM15SEALED, #Q Power 8-Inch Subwoofers