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Can you manage to find 12 square inches in which to garden? Look what you can do! By taking your vegetable garden vertical, you can grow a lot in just a little space!

Sleeper Sofa PVC Pattern


Lighted arches made out of 1/2 inch PVC pipe held in place by 3 foot rebar stakes. Each arch is 10 feet tall and 8 feet wide with 300 lights on each.


Green bean trellis made easy 2 inch PVC pipe hammered in the ground for support. (about 20 inches each) 9-10 inches above ground. 2x2x8 boards cut at 4 ft for ends and one 8 ft piece for top. String one piece of twine across base of pipe. Then individually tie twine on cross beam down to bottom string. Green beans will grow up twine naturally. At end of season twine can be recycled for next year or put in compost. PVC is sturdy enough to get plenty of years of use. DON'T USE…


Make a Summer Reading Tent/Teepee!! {tutorial}

Totally making a tipi like this for my kids one day. best place to play or hide out with a book EVER!!


These worked SO well. I used CPVC (not pvc), which was more flexile. Each piece was about 32 inches and was notched at the ends with a bandsaw. Then, string was tied and put in as shows. The arrows are 3/8" dowel rods, cut to 15 inches. The ends are notched with the band saw so they fit on the string and the points are pointed pencil eraser caps. They're very safe, but go a LONG way.


DIY American Girl doll Sling chair directions Supplies: 1/2" PVC pipe (sold in 10 ft length -4 1/2 ft for 1 chair), 8 PVC elbow connectors (90 degree angle), 4 - 3 way PVC connectors CUT: 6@5", 2@4 1/2", 2@3 1/2", 4@1 1/2" TOOLS: PVC pipe cutter, 100% acetone nail polish remover (to take off print on pipes) SLING FABRIC: 6x19 1/4" (Cotton/twill) finished size 5x14 1/4"

GARDEN stakes, YARD sun catcher, glass plate flower