Needing something for all the longer necklaces in our new line. Necklace hanger, could paint/decorate the hanger too

14 Easy Tips On How To Organize Your Jewelry

DIY Necklace Organizer (Hanger)~ Never know where to hang your necklaces so they don't get all tangled up?

how to make sourdough starter

How to make and keep sourdough starter

Learn how to make best sourdough starter with wild yeast for the most delicious sourdough bread. Step by step instructions with pictures, problem solving and full guidance. It is easier than you think (How To Make Dough Ovens)

Great site/blog and she kindly provides a free printable invite.  I might actually take the shortcut this time thanks to the wonderful sharing and kindness of others!  So glad for searching and pins!

New Beginnings Dr Seuss decorating ideas

This is best Dr Seuss Border Dr Seuss Printables Dr Seuss Printable Invite Birthday Ideas for your project or presentation to use for personal or commersial.

Bloomin Onion Recipe - I don't like to deep fry, but I'd like to try the seasonings to coat & bake with a little drizzle of EVOO!

Almost-Famous Bloomin' Onion

Outback Steakhouse Bloomin Onion Recipe (dipping sauce too!) I only did the dipping sauce to pair with my onion rings. The sauce had a little horseradish in it to give it a kick and some ketchup and mayo.

leaf animals:

Avete mai pensato di fare qualche lavoretto con semplici foglie? Stupitevi guardando questi foto tutorial!!!

luxury super yachts 15 best photos 3dce75f55abb74ecc0549a26289c5dd4

luxury super yachts 15 best photos

This would be like living on an island.or something like it, lots of space to roam. - A Luxury Life For You

With many small businesses going bankrupt, your business should have an accountant. Here is our accounting cheat sheet to help you get started. business ideas #smallbusiness small business ideas wahm ideas

The Entrepreneur's Accounting Cheat Sheet

Accounting-Basics-Cheat-Sheet - Tap the link now to Learn how I made it to 1 million in sales in 5 months with e-commerce! I'll give you the 3 advertising phases I did to make it for FREE!

You’ll need a little greenery to bring out the brilliant colors in your floral arrangements. Take your pick! Image via

Wedding Planning Tips: Everything You Need to Know About Flowers

If you’re like me, then you have a very limited understanding about the difference between a white bush rose and a rosalind rose and other intricate details about flowers. Below you’ll find tips from the floral experts to guide you through the process […]

Last year's list was great. I can't wait to start this year's. -  Take 2016's Ultimate Reading Challenge!

Take 2016's Ultimate Reading Challenge!

If you're truly book obsessed, this ultimate reading challenge will be right up your alley. Looking to broaden the scope of your reading in We will help you read a variety of books this year.