Love this where the kids can always see it and you can refer to it during conversations with them when they're down on themselves

Great ways to help students develop a growth mindset vs. a fixed mindset. If they have the right language to use, that will help them.

Getting It Started Saturday: Habit 1: Be Proactive

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Getting It Started Saturday: Habit Be Proactive, Carry Your Own Weather

Guidance lesson for The 7 Habits: Be Proactive for Grades K-1. Teach kids to be successful by being proactive in school and in life. This follows Stephen Covey's, Leader in Me program for The 7 Habits.   NEVER create another guidance lesson again with our aligned K-6 guidance lessons!  We've got more GUIDANCE LESSON Plans, all which are aligned for grades K-6! Each lesson plan has a Word doc for each grade level and a PDF that includes all interactive activities and printables.

At Guidance Counselor World, we offer counseling activities for anger management, bullying lessons, anti bullying etc.

This video teaches students the importance of leadership. This would be a great extension activity to show students how they can impact their classroom, and the community at large.

▶ The Leader In Me program at Teravista Elementary in Round Rock, Texas, is changing the world one student and one family at a time. Learn about The Leader in Me program.

7 Habits of Happy Kids Song

The 7 Habits of Happy Kids Character Poster Set - Posters - The Leader in Me Store

7 habits of happy kids activities | ... Distributors Sdn Bhd - THE 7 HABITS OF HAPPY KIDS #2: WHEN I GROW UP

Allie learns to Begin with the End in Mind with the 7 Oaks gang in this second picture book in the 7 Habits of Happy Kids series. Tagalong Allie has many dreams for her life. She wants to wear makeup

FREE “I’m proactive, I’m in charge of me!” Craftivity to use with the "7 Habits" and "The Leader in Me".

How great would it be if every student could learn to say “I’m proactive, I’m in charge of me! This “I’m Proactive” Craftivity is meant to help .