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Literary Terms Elements of a Story 6 th Grade Pre-AP Lang. Arts.

Seedfolks Paul Fleischman

Seedfolks Paul Fleischman. Who Am I? How Do I See Other People?. Overview of the Unit. Prior Knowledge: In 6 th grade, the student participates in a si...

King Henry VIII & His Life and Times! Students investigate this polarizing King

The Life & Times of King Henry VIII: Students as historians, poets, & reporters!

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Advise Doctor Who - create a time travel guide book to history

Advise Doctor Who and help to keep him out of trouble... write a time travel guide to the past! Doing this with my Year 7s at the moment and they're loving it! They get to choose which time period and place they write their guide on. So far I have several WW2, Tudors and Victorians booklets. But I also have one on the Mayans, The Great Fire in 1666 and the Spanish in the West Indies to name but a few!

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CLASSROOM PROCEDURES Mrs. Thomas Mrs. Begley Mrs. Pallaria ACHS English 10.