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What can your baby play at 6 months old? Lots of things! Her favourite toy is you, of course, so all the time you spend together chatting, cuddling, singing and doing everyday life things is invaluable in giving your baby the best start in life.


Some of these are intuitive (playing games during everyday activities), some are familiar for moms of more than one (talking while you do stuff), some are things I hadn't thought of before.

from HoJo's Life Adventures

35 Things To Do With Your 6-12 Month Old - HoJo's Life

Sometimes it's hard to know how to play with your baby, but not anymore! Here are 35 things to do with your 6-12 month old! Great ideas for mom, dad, grandparents, daycare providers, and more!

from Life As Mama Bear

5 Fun Activities To Do With Your 6 Month Old

In the past six months, I have probably Googled “what to do with your [insert age] baby all day?” at least 287 times. At least. Of course, normal baby care takes up a majority of the day, but there are still times where I just do not know what to do with her and it [...]


45 things to do with a 6 month old baby. This really is a good list. Great list and you can start even earlier we started something's right away up to you and your baby but great to let them explore their new world.