AHHHHHHHHHH im melting.

I just wanted to say a huge thank you to 5 Seconds of Summer for creating such an amazing album and for working so hard on it for us. I love it so much and all of the songs are absolutely perfect. Thank you for loving us so much.

What Luke Hemmings thinks of you

I like how no matter what i do, it all leads to because that's honestly the soml

Great way to handle the crowd Ash>>this is my favorite gif now<<>>"I'M A PRETTY BUTTERFLY" >>> lolol all I can think of is "mama told me not to waste my life she said, spread your wings my little butterfly!

courtney radley on

this is why i obsess over this band No why is it raining on my face this is not okay, THIS IS WHY I LOVE LUKE HEMMINGS OKAY<<<<< this is why he is an amazing inspirational singer and guitarist

yes REPINNING FOREVER I really wanna see this even if they were just in the show

I need this in my life, and I have a feeling you do too.<<<They are going on the Ellen show Wednesday November 5 and just asdfghjkl