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I love them all, but my favs are Ice Cream, and Unicorn and Red Power Ranger, and Both Blondes and more recently Galaxy is my favorite so far!

Does he look like a vampire to anyone else?<<<< oh my god maybe saphael got him

This is the picture where Crystal Leigh is in his life now. She is one damn lucky woman to have Michael as her boyfriend. IM EFFIN CRYING ME EYES OUT!

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“ TheAMAs: Hey the boys wanted to say hey from backstage. ” <<< Fam has just died here

And this is why he one of the most amazing human beings in the world ♥♥

This is why I love the band. They may not have the same type of music as FOB, MCR, or P!ATD, but they still fight for a good message and a good world.

Micheal Clifford.. a 18 year old guy who is gay. he doesn't talk to many people, but he does have his eyes on someone. he loves cats, and cuddles.

~Michael Clifford from 5 Seconds of Summer. Another sweetheart. Also very funny.

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I'll never not love Michael Gordon Clifford with my whole entire heart.

Şey evet Mike sayilmaz ama çok güzel ne yapam yaneeee?

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