5sos drawing

Fan art // I am so gonna draw the four of them later<<< this is so cute. this is me bc drawing faces are so hard. I would hate to ruin a fabulous pic by adding a face ya know?

I am in love with this because it really happened to me. 5 Seconds of Summer saved me! And so I love them so much!!!

I really love this because if you flip it over it's kind of like the band is holding onto the fan. They're depending on the fans to keep them where they are. Because real bands save fans, and real fans save bands.

5SOS drawings << This is awesome!! Challenge time!! Let's get all the lyrics to "Heartbreak Girl" in the comments!! I'll start it off!! Xx Emma Jones

drawings << This is awesome! Let's get all the lyrics to "Heartbreak Girl" in the comments! Xx Emma Jones<<<<I just found this while looking through lyric pins Emma!


of Summer-The fam was the first fandom I actually joined and I'm so glad I did because it has helped me in life in so many ways. Luke, Michael, Calum, and Ashton have been the greatest inspirations and sources of hope I could ask for

Just like spray paint it across the wall and write it in the sky with a plane...then Look at me and i'll go "GOOD GIRLS ARE BAD GIRLS WHO HAVENT BEEN CAUGHT MOTHERF******"

I've actually done this before and my teacher got so tired of it he just let me do it