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I really like some of these ideas so much that I’m going to go out tomorrow and look for some 55 gallon drums to get started ASAP! The R2D2 project is probably my favorite because I’m a huge Star Wars fan, and I would love to put a life size model somewhere in my house! …

I know I should be looking at the 44 gallon drum furniture. But those louvers are quite lovely

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55 gallon drum smoker

55 gallon smoker is very popular here in Philly for the block party or big family cookout

recycled oil barrels turned into mini bar - I recently featured an article on recycled materials for a practical kitchen and showed an oil barrel turned into a storage cabinet. German design group Lockengeloet have taken the idea of recycling oil barrels to a new level, with a range of oil barrels that can be used as a storage cabinet, a mini bar, and even a media centre. - See more at:


80 Pieces of Upcycled Furniture

80 Pieces of Upcycled Furniture - From Upcycled Wooden Mobile Chairs to Industrial Pipe Bookshelves (TOPLIST)

13 Ways a Survivalist Can Use a 55 Gallon Drum - Page 10 of 14


Raised Planter Stand

I first saw these raised beds on an intensive gardening tour and thought they were a great way of container gardening at a height that’s easy on the back plus they give you storage below and you can easily add a trellis anywhere you need it. They were made from upcycled 55 gal. drum which …

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Projects Using a 55 Gallon Drum On The Homestead

DIY 55 Gallon Drum Spinning Composter | Projects Using a 55 Gallon Drum On The Homestead | Awesome DIY Ideas You Must Try by Pioneer Settler at

Stylish Fire PIT 44 Gallon Drum | eBay

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How to Build a Small Greenhouse

Good to start seeds or small vegetables. it's really fast and easy to built, and super economic and ecologic, I made mine all out of scraps and in little more than an hour.