Authentic and natural 1950s makeup guide. How to create a vintage makeup look worn by real women in the 1950s.

Authentic Natural 1950s Makeup History and Tutorial

How-to of makeup or hairstyle from the decade. These can be period pieces or contemporary recreations, but they must accurately represent the decade being researched.

Bosnian vintage girl living in a modern world. Personal Diary of travel and colorful life moments.

During the makeup was simple. Teens that wore makeup typically wore eyeliner, mascara, lipstick light foundation and blush. It was a natural, light look and feel.

I love this eye makeup. I'd want a neutral, peachy lip though.

“Tried a fun retro girl inspired look today✨ loved creating this look Deets: LIPS: liquid lipstick 'Sarafine' LASHES: lashes 'Scarlett'✨ LAUNCHING soon at Sephora U.S❤️ Eyes: single eyeshadows✨

40's, 50's, 60's

hair and makeup inspiration from Myrna Hansen, Miss USA 1953 Retro vintage classic hairstyle

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