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Here's What's Actually Inside A 5-Hour Energy Drink

So what’s in it? | Here’s What’s Actually Inside A 5-Hour Energy Drink


In case you're looking for a cheaper & healthier way to get your energy....I don't know how people afford energy drink addictions anyway! Energy drinks are EXPENSIVE & BAD for you!!! For 10 servings of 5 hour energy you pay $17.98...SERIOUSLY?? Plexus EDGE is all natural! It gives you a healthy, sustained energy, Sharper thinking, it Enhances Concentration & Focus, also Improves Mood. Plexus edge comes in a bottle with 30 servings & is only $1.00 per serving. Swap your energy drinks for…


I am currently a Brand Ambassador for 5-Hour Energy, promoting and marketing product as well as creating and maintaining customer relationships.


Maybe not for everyone, but this stuff will get you through a high intensity negative emphasis breakdown set workout in fine form - just allow time for the nap you'll need later

5-hour Energy Cocktail....keep the party going all night long! Energy and alcohol, what more could you want? #cocktail #5hrenergy #party #upallnight

Favorite 5-hour ENERGY® Flavor: It's so hard to choose just one, but right now we're loving the new Pink Lemonade!