5 Finger Prayer - free printable prayer card

Use The 5 Finger Prayer to Visually Recall Your Prayer List

Have trouble keeping up with your prayer list? Use this 5 Finger Prayer to visually recall key groups of people to include in your prayers. Great for kids!


Choose 5 finger puppets from the image, and choose the color of your bag. PUKACAs finger puppets are unique pieces, as they are handmade, not all

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John Heartfield 5 Fingers Has The Hand (1928)

fingers has a hand! With these 5 grab the enemy!" john heartfield poster photomontage art, his most famous political images

Guided Reading Poster-5 Finger Retell-FREEBIE! These posters are great resources to used during your guided reading groups. The posters serve as a visual reminder of how to retell the events of a story. It can give you a quick assessment of the child's understanding of the story.    Thumb-characters   Pointer-setting  Middle-problem   Ring-events Beginning (B) Middle (M) End (E)  Pinkie-ending

For the kinesthetic learners in your class; every finger is given a topic. The students use the fingers as guides when retelling a story. I'd put the title in the palm just so they can keep track of the books.

I saw this a few months ago and loved it but could never find it again, finally I found it !!

Funny pictures about Fingers and their meaning. Oh, and cool pics about Fingers and their meaning. Also, Fingers and their meaning.