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I love this quote because everyone drifts apart from people as time goes on, as we all get busier. But to lose a best friend is truly the worst thing in the world. To not even be able to speak to that person without an awkward air makes you want to burst into tears. Having gone through this myself it honestly makes me want to cry every time she opens her mouth and speaks to her new, allegedly "irreplaceable best friend."So, yes, this quote is as close to the truth as you can get and, yes…


Red and Green Sing a 4th of July Song "We're Flying Away" with karaoke style lyrics so kids can sing along. Red and Green find themselves on a firework rocket and end up on a very explosive ride. Happy 4th of July! Thanks for including Red and Green in your independence day celebration. Red is played by Richie MacKnight and Green played by Sharon MacKnight. For more fun family animated videos for kids, please visit my Facebook page: