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50+ Awesome Glow Stick Ideas

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Asgardian Public Service Announcement: In event of alien invasion, disregard logic. Especially if you are the invading alien. (Fact: This also tends to be my standard operating procedure.)

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American Honey (2016) - director Andrea Arnold ('Fishtank', 'Wuthering Heights' ..."‘I always aim to get under the belly of a place") 'Fish Tank director Andrea Arnold explores the US phenomenon of ‘mag crews’ – rootless young outsiders who rove the midwest selling magazine subscriptions'

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I did this on the Fourth of July this year when I watched the fireworks and annoyed the heck out of my family. XD

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Don't all famous characters feel this way? Isn't that what makes them so famous and wonderful? They get in these horrible situations and somehow use their brains, brawn, magic their individual skill to fix those horrible situations. These are our heroes. Pay attention to them.

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Amazing Vintage Style Fourth of July Party

Vintage Americana 4th of July Party by Lisa Frank + Lia Griffith: hot dogs wrapped in brown coffee filters/patterned papers/twine with mini gingham jars of ketchup || kraft paper chip bags: tutorial at

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