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Color the Fraction

Second grade fractions worksheets get your child learning about halves and quarters. Use these second grade fractions worksheets with your young mathematician.

4th grade worksheets | Fourth Grade Math Worksheets

By the end of class students will be able to calculate the total amount of coins in each row with little assistance from the teacher.

Our kids LOVE fidget spinners, so for our Kindergartener, I decided to make him a math worksheet. All that you do is spin your fidget spinner and see how many math problems you can do before the spinner stops. Write your number down and try again! PS- You can order a your fidget spinner here....

Math Worksheet with Fidget Spinner

My boys LOVE fidget spinners. For my fourth grader, I decided to make him a math worksheet. All he/they do is spin the fidget spinner & see how many math problems he/they can complete before the spinner stops! Write your number down and try again.

Writing Equivalent Fractions Using Pie Model                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Writing Equivalent Fractions Using Pie Model use to show visual converting fraction to percents & decimals.

Add like mad with our thrilling addition worksheet! This three-minute math drill gets your child racing to complete all the addition equations on the page.

3-Minute Math Drill: Addition

Fourth grade math worksheets help to develop the math concepts. Print fourth grade math worksheets to help your kids improve math.

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Our 5 favorite 4th grade math worksheets

Equivalent Fractions Worksheets

Printable Fractions worksheets that are perfect for teachers and students looking for some practice in fractions problems.

Mental Math Freebie--2nd grade math

Operation and Algebraic Thinking: This would work with addition or subtraction mental math and what more and less means. This would be beneficial for students in grades 2 through