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Fun interactive math activity for the beginning of the school year. Students use multiplication and division equations to answer questions about themselves.


4th Grade Enrichment Math Problem Solving for Advanced Math Learners, 20 Weeks

Twenty weeks of 4th grade math challenge problems! Twenty sets of challenging no-prep 4th Grade enrichment math problems that will challenge your most advanced math learners. The problems are great for early finishers, gifted students, or for whole group math problem solving challenges. A great way to promote critical thinking problem solving skills and challenge all of your math learners.$

End of Year Math: 4th Grade End of the Year Math Word Problems

These scavenger hunt cards get students up and moving around the room as they practice solving multi-step word problems. Included are 24 challenging word problem cards that require students to use their addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division skills. This is a fun and exciting way to get in some additional math practice before the summer begins!


Snowflake Math Brain BogglersFREEBIE! Snowflake Math Brain Bogglers is a fun little set of 3 snowflake themed worksheets featuring mind boggling math problems for students in grades 2-5 (high achieving 2nd graders). They are guaranteed to get your students thinking this winter!


Differentiated Multi-step Math Word Problems with Graphic Organizer (Set 1)

Differentiated Multi-step Math Word Problems with Graphic Organizer to support students in solving and explaining their answers. Aligned to 4th grade common core but also great for 5th grade.