Loads of fun science activities and ideas for 3 and 4 year olds from Go Science Girls.

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A great list of age-appropriate chores for children. Help raise independent and competent children!
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Indoor scavenger hunt for younger kids. My 7 year old helped read the list to my 4 year old and they had a blast! Great for team building skills between siblings!

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dry erase workbook: this was great! the kids stayed quiet for a long stretch (until they started fighting over markers) and i found I.B. some large letters that he loves tracing. we used washable markers that just wiped off with a damp cloth. we don't use regular dry erase markers in our house anymore because they stain clothes and hands and arms and bellies . . .

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I created this Sight Words activity for my 4 year old. This is very easy and effective. You can use BINGO markers or colored dots. Have the child read the sight word, look for the sight word in the array, and place the color that corresponds with the sight word using a colored dot or BINGO marker.

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