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50 Earth Shattering Space Tattoos That Are Literally Out Of This World

Nika Samarina is a Russian artist known for her spectacular displays of color and highly detailed designs. Her work always seems to be the over-the-top, stop and stare type pieces. A master colorist no doubt. Mind blown Mind literally blown. (Photo: Pavel Roch) These 3-D boxes One of the more spectacular three dimensional chest murals out there. (Photo: Jesse Rix) This celestial sleeve Asteroids whizzing past planets in our solar system. (Photo: Art of London) This planetary lineup All…

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60+ Amazing 3D Tattoo Designs

This type of Tattoo is sometimes reffered to as Techno Organic, A bit like the Borg in Star Trek and 7 of 9s Ocula implant beats silicone tits,Also earlier influences are films such as Blade Runner.

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