Dark Knight Rises....How do you even imagine that???

The Dark Knight Rises Street Art. A great street painting illusion for the promotion of the new Batman-Movie “The Dark Knight Rises”. This amazing street art has been presented in Madrid, Spain

So amazing to find out how these brilliant artist are doing it.Lego 3-D sidewalk  art

So amazing to find out how these brilliant artist are doing it.Lego sidewalk art and I know what it is

Waterfall https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=493280884052691=a.464894373558009.96257.464892343558212=1

When you feel into the water you wondered how you got there, you where just walking in the park how did you get to a waterfall, then you look up and realize that you see the park above u

Los mejores Graffitis ( Arte a full )                                                                                                                                                                                 Más

Los mejores Graffitis ( Arte a full )

Exclusive Interview with Sidewalk Chalk Artist Julian Beever. Julian Beever is World renown for his trompe-l'œil pavement chalk art that appears to both sink into and rise from the sidewalk.

33 Brain-Melting Works Of 3-D Sidewalk Chalk Art

33 Brain-Melting Works Of 3-D Sidewalk Chalk Art

A great collection of amazing street art painting pictures. Street Art gives you a optical illusion from a certain point.

Jeg synes vi bør ha noe positivt på veggen. Mange fine veggmalerier på Tøyen, men jeg synes noen er litt dystre. Jeg ønsker at veggen vår skal ha et positivt bilde eller utrykk :-)

89 of the world’s most mind-bending 3D chalk drawings

Huge chalk optical illusion turns ordinary bench into a seat on a deathly Ferris wheel. This piece was drawn by pro chalk artist Julian Beever in Santiago, Chile…

Edgar Müller was born in Mülheim/Ruhr on 10 July 1968. He grew up in the rural city of Straelen on the western edge of Germany. His fascination with painting began in his childhood, with paintings of rural scenes of Straelen. Around the age of 25, Müller decided to devote himself completely to street painting. He travelled all over Europe, making a living with his transitory art.

Amazing Art Collection 400 awesome craft ideas to do with your kids this Christmas! Amazing Street Art of Edgar Mueller Pics)

Girl walking a lion - 3D Sidewalk Art

sidewalk art Street Art Street Art by Nikolaj Arndt Amazing Art Collection

The Flying Carpet, 3D Chalk Art, Bettona, Italy  // photo via yahoo

Awesome Art Photos) The Flying Carpet, Chalk Art, Bettona, Italy photo via yahoo pavement art by Manfred Stader

Arte callejero: pinturas en el suelo muy reales

Increíble arte callejero 3D

Edgar Mueller - Sidewalk artist from Germany, creates these amazing pieces with sidewalk chalk on actual flat sidewalks. This piece is called 'Ice Age'.

3D Sidewalk Chalk Art http://www.toxel.com/inspiration/2012/10/07/chalk-art/#

(link) STREET ART: Chalk Art by David Zinn 2 ~ Alien Monster Rake / Raking the Autumn Leaves ~ Fall Harvest / yard garden / work and play / kids child children / concrete sidewalk / path ~ for more great PINs w/good links visit ~ have fun!

3D street art. My first reaction was "What the heck are those crazy girls doing?" Then I realized it was the 3-D street art stuff. How do they draw like that?

26 Most Stunning 3D Street Art Paintings

Street Art is usually created using chalk and is 2 dimensional artwork found on pavements. sidewalk chalk art is famous for given the illusion of when viewed from a certain perspective. Street painting, also