3D printed shoes. Technology and fashion #http://www.mylocal3dprinting.com

3D Print A Pair of Shoes at Home

DesignLibero has reimagined recycling as an art form.

3D Printed Vases Offer Artistic Way to Repurpose Old Water Bottles

Now on Tessa's Curated Boutique: spider vase and lace vase (the 2 on right in top picture). Clever designs that upcycle a simple PET bottle into a vase. Buy the digital design (or have it printed). Maybe something for Printer Chat?

BRILLEN Versie1: in groepjes van max. 6 leerlingen. elke leerling krijgt een bril toegewezen. Vanuit deze bril nemen ze deel aan de discussie. Bv: kansarmoede “rollen sociale klassen : arm, rijk, ….”. Versie2: rollen = beroepen bv: “dokter, leerkracht, schoonmaakster, …”. Bron: (2017, februari 27). Opgehaald van https://ambrassade.be/werkvormen/brillen

The Biz Eyes collection. Printing Exploration by Designer/Architect Nasim Sehat.

A project by designers Ami Drach and Dov Ganchrow (http://www.amidov.com/) entitled Man Made - creating 3D printed accessories for flint hand-axes.

Brand new Old: Designers Enhance our Oldest Tool with 3D Printing...

Tessa’s Weekly Picks – 3D Printing with Chocolate.                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Tessa's Weekly Picks - 3D Printing with Chocolate

Where Architecture meets Fashion: 3D-PRINTING Maybe something for 3D Printer Chat?

La moda del futuro ya esta aquí

IRIS VAN HERPEN, Escapism Dress ©Victoria and Albert Museum, London. TIME Magazine names Iris van Herpen’s printed dress one of the 50 Best Inventions of the 2011 i think this is too much, however i like the details added with the folds.

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Amsterdam's new 3D-printed steel bridge is revolutionizing the building industry

Revolutionary Construction Technology Of Printed Steel Bridge In The Heart Of Amsterdam By Heijmans, the innovative Dutch construction

3D printed pendant - Lovebirds  Like 3D printed #jewelry? Morpheus custom makes jewelry from images using 3d printing technology http://www.morphe.us.com/

3D Printed Product of the Day: Lovebirds Pendant

printed pendant - Lovebirds Like printed Morpheus custom makes jewelry from images using printing technology

3D tlač je budúcnosť strojovej výroby / 3D printing is the future of manufacturing #3dprint #infographic

3D printing is the future of manufacturing (infographic)

Sculpteo shared a new infographic Printing is the Future of Manufacturing". It helps beginners to get the basic idea about printing and the future of manufacturing.

3ders.org - New photos of 10 'green' 3D-printed houses in Shanghai, built in 24 hours | 3D Printer News & 3D Printing News

Building regulations prevent the creation of any printed multi-storey structures. The houses (pictured) look as if they have a tall room, with a horizontal support for the house's single-storey roof

Peroni's new beer bottle design abstracted into 3D-printed shapes.

Andrea Morgante Abstracts Peroni Beer Bottle into Printed Shapes

The Year in 3D Printing

The Year in 3D Printing

Iris van Herpen Fashion designer fron Netherlands Working with rubber, leather, metallics, chains and plastics, Iris designed ten looks representing the concept of water: from fluidity to structured ice crystals.

10 Tools You Can 3D Print for Your Garden

10 Tools You Can 3D Print for Your Garden