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How 3D Printers Work (Infographic)

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Drop by the Studios at Main and use the library's 3-D printers, microcontrollers and design software to explore, learn and create.

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Staples to Offer In-Store 3D Printing

3D "printing" done for you.....Brilliant! That would be really convenient to pay them (Staples) for each "print" until you could justify your own printer. >>>

A 3-D Printed Back Brace Scoliosis Patients Might Not Hate Wearing

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Taking a Culture-First Mentality With Workplace Wellness

These Affordable 3-D Printers Are Impressive—And Plagued by Weak Software

Affordable 3-D Printers Are Impressive And Plagued by Weak Software: DaVinci's; $500-800; Details.

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CreoPop: The 3D Printing Pen That Uses Resin Instead Of Filament

A 3D printing pen that doesn't use filament. Looks pretty neat, can't wait to see what people make with these.

Chicago's Harold Washington Public Library to offer Free Maker Lab with 3D Printers, Laser Cutters, Milling Machines, Vinyl Cutter and Computers with Meshing and Sketching Software. Available to the Public July 8 - Dec 31

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Chinese Doctors Use 3-D Spinal Implant on chinese boy who has become the first patient with a part of his spine created in a three-dimensional printer.

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