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Weege---3-D Movie Viewers. Formally attired audience sporting 3-D (3D) glasses during opening night screening of movie Bwana Devil, the 1st full length, color 3-D (aka Natural Vision) motion picture, at Paramount Theater, Hollywood, CA. (Photo by J. R. Eyerman//Time Life Pictures/Getty Images)

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The Year’s Most Beautiful, Stunning, Breathtaking Images of the Universe

Best astronomy images 2012: See the most beautiful images of the universe. - Slate Magazine

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New Dimension: Nebulas Are Even More Amazing in 3-D

Pelican Nebula in 3D. The Pelican Nebula can be found 2,000 light-years away in the realm of the another cosmic bird: the constellation Cygnus, the swan. Animation: J-P Metsavainio

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DESPITE STRAIGHT LINES posted a photo: . . I was originally enrolled into the GETTY IMAGES collection as a contributor on April 9th 2012, and when links with FLICKR were terminated in March 2014, I was retained and signed up via a second contract, both of which have proved to be successful with sales of my photographs all over the world now handled exclusively by them. On November 12th 2015 GETTY IMAGES unveiled plans for a new stills upload platform called ESP (Enterprise Submission…

The Ring Nebula ~ Except for the rings of Saturn, the Ring Nebula (M57) is probably the most famous celestial band.

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Giant Cardboard Christmas Tree

Make your own unique Christmas tree with this giant 3-D cardboard kit.Available in white or natural cardboard (please note - the tree in the above photo has been painted, other images show it in its natural state. We do not provide glue, paint, paintbrushes etc with the tree.)A great way to be creative and to decorate your room this Christmas in a contemporary, eco-friendly way, a giant 3-D cardboard Christmas tree! Delivered flat in a square cardboard shape so it's easy to paint without ...

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3 D walpeper | fond d'cran 3d animals - fond ecran 3d animals - wallpaper 3d animals ...

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3d floors coral reef 2 - Decoist

Epoxy Flooring in Dubai Epoxy Floors - a new technology for flooring manufacturing. An incredibly huge selection of colors and materials to create them suggests that this method is a promising device and popular lately.

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Amazing Astrophotography Lets You See Nebulae in 3D

Amazing Astrophotography Lets You See Nebulae in 3D | Smart News | Smithsonian

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