A beautiful poem about the nature of beauty with a lesson all should heed!

"It breaks your heart to know her mirror is how she estimates her worth and not the lives she's made much better by simply being on this earth" -Erin Hanson What a beautiful poem! So much said!

Positive Quote: When things change inside you, things change around you.

Positive Quote: When things change inside you, things change around you.

City of stars are you shining for me?

And the tears stains on my cheeks are not going away any sooner.

I think vulnerability Is strength. It takes a lot to truly show feelings for someone and know you will likely be rejected.

I'll always encourage it. Especially that cliche 10 seconds of courage thing. After all, the best thing in my life started with 10 seconds of courage

I absolutely DESPISE small talk. Tell me about your childhood. About your best friend. Why you prefer dogs over cats. Tell me your desires. Why your heart beats faster and what you can't stop thinking about at 3 AM.

I could listen to him talk for hours about something I don't even like. When it's him talking I am intrested it becomes intresting.

Yaa dat wld b just the thought up it is like horrible...but oh well if it's all in Gods plan..even if it suckz XP

Shattered my heart actually to the point where I couldn't eat, sleep or think clearly lol. I had physical pain in my stomach and chest lmao the power somr people have over you is incredible 😅🖕🏻

Last Kiss is perfect

last kiss - taylor swift. one of my all time favorite lines ever. She's such a beautiful writer.