'3-packet pot roast. It's all over Pinterest, so despite not being a fan of pkts of stuff (except 'Good Seasons' Italian: better than ANY bottled, hands down), nor of ranch (sacrilege, I know...), I'm going to try it, tonight.' OMG - this is GOOOOD! It tastes close to my 'Roast Indies' recipe! Watch your crockpot time - mine was fall-apart ready in 5.5 hrs. I flipped the roast every hr or so,

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3-packet roast, this shit right here gets husbands. 6/7/13 This was the best damn roast I've ever made!!

There’s a recipe circulating among Pinterest for a 3 packet roast … that one calls for a packet of brown gravy. Dude. I neeeeeever buy brown...

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