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2Pac. I'm gonna say that he is the best rapper alive. Because although his body is dead, his music, his soul and his legend still lives on.

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my favorite rap artist of all time...if you've never experienced street life you wouldn't understand...I know...RESPECT!

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Tupac #tupac #poet Money is your only protection against the world.

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misss-jasmine: ranihassoun: Now can your mind picture a thug nigga drinking hard liquor this ghetto life got me catching up to god quick...

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tupac shakur and biggie smalls | Is Tupac Shakur Alive?: Christopher "Biggie Smalls" Wallace

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Jenny Palmer x Sparkle Style: Coachella Music Festival with Special Guest Tupac and Mulberry, Lacoste and Armani Exchange/T-Mobile Parties! Xx

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He wasn't just a rapper, but a poet, a idealist & shall be forever a legend in the world of music #Tupac

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Real Eyes. Realize. Real Lies. Tupac was a victim of the Illuminati that he tried to warn us about!

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Tupac! RIP. Dear Momma don't you know we love you sweet lady... New Hip Hop Beats Uploaded EVERY SINGLE DAY Trap Music Radio

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