Hetalia 2p!Canada and 2p!France

Hetalia and I feel like this is their entire relationship in a nutshell.

Red Velvet Pancakes | this creeped me out because I was listening to this song and the pin came along XD

When I saw the picture I was like "Making my way down town~" and then the text underneath crushed all of my dreams

I want to cosplay as 2p Canada but I don't know. I don't think I can get his personality right!

Canada, Hetalia Ok, I'm relatively new to Hetalia and I don't know nothing about this whole but I'mma thinking I'm really gonna like me so Canada<<< XD he's the best

2P!Canada contact names

There is nothing more perfect than describing Oliver at "bipolar cupcake"

Hetalia Canada headcanon

you know when im at a rebellious phase id stay that way throughout the rest of my life