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Freebie - 2-D/3-D Shape Sort - includes 15 different shapes to sort. Sorting cards can be cut/pasted or used for a variety of math activities. #shapes #shapesorting


2-D and 3-D shapes anchor chart. I like that is shows both 2D and 3D shapes on the same chart so kiddos can compare them. (Picture only)


Shapes 2d 3d Poster Set in BRIGHT Polka DOTs

I've+made+8.5x11+2-D++3-D+Shape+Poster+Set+with+Bright+polka+Dot+background!++These+cards+coordinate+with+my+A-Z+Alphabet+Poster+Cards. I+also...

ON SALE Thursday only ! This pack is a second grade geometry pack aligned to the common core and Everyday Mathematics. It covers 2 and 3-D shapes, parallel lines and symmetry. Activities included are: Shape Bingo, my shape dictionary, parallel line task cards, board game, symmetry worksheet, foldable symmetry activity, 2-D shape concentration, and 2 and 3-D shape scavenger hunt.$


Math Geometry Bundle topics 2-D shapes, 3-D solids, 2-D components of 3-D objects, attributes of 2-D shapes, characteristics of 3-D solids, classification of regular and irregular figures. Geometry will be easier for your young mathematicians to understand with hands-on, engaging activities, and purposeful printables that this bundle offers.Ideas for Use: Whole Group to Small Group: Use the activities in a whole group setting for the students first introduction to them.


Telling Time, Money, & Geometry 2nd Grade Math Notebook Bundle

*****UPDATED NOVEMBER 2014***** Are you using INTERACTIVE MATH NOTEBOOKS in your classroom? You really should be! My students love them, create them, reference them, and will take them home at the end of the school year where they will continue to learn from them! They can be used in either a whole group or small group setting. They were made so that they are easy for your students to assemble. Each interactive notebook activity comes with a photo of it assembled so there is no confusion on…

2-D and 3-D Shape Posters and Shape Book

**If+you+have+already+purchased+my+Geometrical+Shapes+unit,+you+do+not+need+to+purchase+this+item!+:)** Introduce+2-D+and+3-D+shapes+to+your+class...

3-d shape construction from Polydron making the connection between 2-d and 3-d shapes. Encourages children to use he correct language. Also great for fine motor. (@missamyp)