50 Things to do While You Nest & Prep for a New Baby... because pregnancy will turn you into a woman on a mission whether you like it or not!

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Our little Brody Parker is officially two weeks old today. Between diapers, baby clothes, rockers and baby gear, I nearly forgot about preparing myself for postpartum. Momma requires nearly as much gear as baby! Two weeks later, I am feeling almost 100% healed and back to normal thanks to the essentials below. Nursing Bra | Numbing Spray | Nipple Shield | Disposable Undies | Stool Softener | Peri Bottle | Nursing Gown | Comfy Undies | Witch Hazel Pads | Baby Wrap | Feeding App | Nursing…

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What, how and why to play with your newborn. Really interesting psychology behind newborn play and what's important

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Yoga for Birth Preparation - A class focusing on Yoga especially for the last few weeks of pregnancy

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It's Baby Month here! I have almost none of these items done, but I have made a list - that's the first step right? This is my last week of work and then I'm of

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