21 pilots migraine


the reason behind the ski mask is that was what the demons in his dreams looked like. so excited for the new album. his songs are so deep, all about how he couldn't sleep, and he hated the dark and his dreams haunted him. Twenty one pilots

Ode to sleep by Twenty Øne Piløts |-/

Ode To Sleep // Twenty One Pilots Art [If anyone knows the artist please msg me]

I listen to this song every Friday simply for that line. Speaks right to me

I don't know why they always seem so dismal Thunderstorms, clouds, snow and a slight drizzle Wether it's the weather or the letters by my bed Sometimes death seems better than the migraine in me head -Migraine Twenty Øne Piløts

I walked up to my frens and screamed I AM NOT AS FINE AS I SEEM then I sat Dow and said *pardon*. The look they gave me: •_•

Pardon me for yelling I'm telling you green gardens are not what's growing in my psyche. Migraine Twenty One Pilots

Twenty One Pilots // Migraine

My mind ship-wrecked this is the only land my mind could find. I did not know it was such a violent island full of title waves suicidal crazed lions

YES this made me feel happy inside for some reason

not to mention tyler talking at the end of implicit demand for proof