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Sabbats & Moons for 2014 - just have to adapt for southern hemisphere


Ostara Altar


Imbolc, the Feast of the Goddess Brigid, is celebrated on February 1st. It marks the mid-point between the Winter Solstice and the Spring Equinox; a time when seeds sprout, spring is on the way, and the light is returning. It is a time to honor Brigid, goddess of fire, poetry, childbirth. It is a celebration of home and hearth. Imbolc is a time to celebrate growth and new beginnings.

Vietnamese children celebrating the Mid-Autumn Festival with traditional 5-pointed star-shaped lantern.

from GloHoliday

How She Flew to the Moon – The Legend of Chang Er

The story and origin of the Mooncake or Mid- Autumn Festival. How She Flew to the Moon – The Legend of Chang Er

from An Aussie Wytch's Book of Correspondences


The Southern Wheel of the Year As the Wheel originates in the Northern Hemisphere, in the Southern Hemisphere most Pagans advance these dates six months so as to coincide with the natural seasons as they occur in their local climates. For instance, an Australian Pagan may celebrate Beltane on the 1st of November, when a Canadian Pagan is celebrating Samhain