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Another Republican claims that Martin Luther King Jr. was part of the GOP | PolitiFact Tennessee // well gee whiz let me state the obvious...Martin Luther King was NOT a republican. Good grief republicans, REALLY? Is there no low you WON'T stoop to?


Repin: Sheriff Babeu: Over 120,000 Illegals Arrested Near Tucson...7/31... Prayers for Sheriff Paul and Sheriff Joe. Death threats have been made against them. The FBI notified them and another Sheriff about the threats.

from Salon

Mitt-statements — The master list

Mitt's master gaffe list - Your one-stop source for every inane, out-of-touch or outright offensive thing the GOP candidate has ever said


As a contender for the 1968 Republican presidential nomination, George Romney, father of 2012 Republican candidate Mitt Romney, represented the more liberal wing of the Republican party and initially looked like a promising candidate, until an off-hand remark sunk his campaign.

from CNN

How the 'war on women' is changing -

We do not need this future for our daughters, vote. The dynamic reflects the painstaking efforts among Republicans to avoid the mistakes of 2012. This time around, there aren't any candidates talking about "legitimate rape" or "binders full of women." And the GOP put up strong female candidates in states like Iowa and Michigan, making it harder for Democrats to attack them as opposed to the interests of women.


Best Portraits of 2012

Mitt Romney, 2012 Republican Candidate for President. From "The Mind of Mitt," September 3, 2012 issue.