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20 gallon tank, live and plastic plants, wood, sand, rocks, good betta tank.

Your guide to driftwood for aquascaping or just for a cool affect in an aquarium. Can't wait to use this for my 20 gallon I am setting up


Kings Royal 20 Gallon Aquarium Stand, Organic Pet World Fish Tanks


20 Gallon Long Aquarium Stand

Manage your freshwater aquarium, tropical fishes and plants: Aquatic Scapers Europe - International Aquascaping Contest 2010 Results

from Petco

Aquatic Fundamentals 10/20 Gallon Aquarium Stand with Cabinet

Aquatic Fundamentals 10/20 Gallon Aquarium Stand with Cabinet - 25"; W X 14.5"; D X 27.87"; H. Black. Stand with storage compartment. Fits 10 and 20 gallon tanks. -

Aqueon® 36 Gallon Bow Front Aquarium Ensemble

Aquatic Fundamentals 20 and 29 Gallon Aquarium Stand with Storage


Don't think you would eat the fish in this one, unless you put them in cocktails or something.


Elos 20 Gallon System Mini Aquarium & Cabinet Stand (e-Lite Not Included) - For the first time aquarium lovers seeking a small complete system can have a system designed and built to the highest standards. The beautiful ELOS SQUARE cabinet holds our ELOS SUMP , with built in freshwater reservoir (top off controller not included), includes quiet and efficient Eheim pumps and our patented NS100, specifically designed for the System MINI. $999.99 #Nano #Aquarium