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I love you to the end of time, that's why I write this little rhyme. Today's the day we raise a cheer, to yet another wonderful year! Although I don't share your love of sport but together we make the perfect team. Happy anniversary to my one & only, two years down, here's to the next 50 ❤️❤️


For Jon, I would do 730 lemon heads...& yes I would count them individually so there will be exactly 730. I can't decide whether I want to have 104 memories or 104 something else - i have time to think. I'm gonna do the 24 pictures and I'm gonna do the 2 shoes thing ❤ All of this is gonna be in a box together...& I'm gonna get him as many other presents as I can...and when we are on our date is when I'll give it to him.

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I made this for my boyfriend on our 2 year anniversary. I printed out over 60 photos of dates we've had over the 2 years, laminated them all, and added captions. <3


Anniversary photo tradition idea. Start by holding your wedding photo on your first anniversary and each year, hold the picture from the year before!