Proud! But honestly this just puts into perspective how many of us there actually is!

one direction lyrics

Not even the Gods above can separate the two of us, nothing can come between you and I, oh you and I. You And I~One Direction

Aaaaaaaawwwww.... And yes guys self-harm is not a solution

Aw I love you Nialler. And yes guys self-harm is not a solution Stay strong to all those who self harm it does agent better but you have to decide that.

And this ladies and gentleman us why directioners are ❤❤❤ ❤️❤️

#OneDirectionLyrics #MadeInTheAM

This was literally playing in my head and then I saw this the exact moment I was singing this line ahhh

haha love 1D!!! i know what all those mean :)

Oh my gosh this is perfect! all directioners watch!{GIF} and the tears stream down>> the feels!

One Direction Facts

Only when i see one direction not 2 sound weird but am i right girls? Especially when I see Niall it's like the butterflies are going crazy and around one other boy😏

silly, silly girl...

So Nialler was about to hug someone, and she denied it (for a very stupid reason) and said she wanted to hug Louis. And the Louis said I wanna hug Niall. Wow that girl. Needs to go jump in a lake.