This 1980's look is an older style. A off the shoulder bright orange crop top with the same color orange as a headband, and some beads and christian looking necklace.

Madonna Through The Years

"some witch steals my clothes" quote from madonna from the movie desperately seeking susan 1985

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Really, what were they thinking? Dresses and head pieces just got bigger and bigger! Vintage Brides (Cindy Crawford in bridal)

Prom Dress - I love to hang a favourite dress up on my door hook just to look at just to get that feminine frisson as I go about the house!

I would love this tea length :) romantic dress. Let's be old timely rich folks that go to garden parties.

Either buy a lovely selection of 80's prom dresses for guests to wear on the night or ask them to buy & wear their own.

Not Your Momma's Prom Dress at JenJenHouse

Not Your Momma's Prom Dress at JenJenHouse - Comeback Momma - Family, Travel, Healthy Living


Water marble nail is a nail art technique consisting of dropping nail lacquers into clear water creating a pattern on the surface which is then transferred to the nail.



Diana, Princess of Wales in her flamboyant 1980s-style wedding dress from David and Elizabeth Emmanuel.

31 of the Most Incredible Celebrity Wedding Dresses That You Need to See

Ivory Dotted Lace Gown (waist - 24") — Civil War Ball Gowns & Southern Belle Dresses

Ivory Dotted Lace Gown (waist - — Civil War Ball Gowns & Southern Belle Dresses Looks kinda like Scarlett O'Hara's :)