The 1980s fashion trend can be seen on the streets via oversized leather jackets—especially with shoulder pads.

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The Greatest 80s Fashion Trends

Still own those neon colored exercise suits from the If so, you can go ahead and add those to the list of things you should get rid of before you move.

If you pay any attention to the fashion industry, you may have noticed that 1980’s style is coming back in a big way for 2017. Actually, ’80s trends have been making their way back for a few months now, but this is set to be their big comeback year, which sounds, admittedly, kind of terrifying.

20 Style Tips On How To Wear '80s Inspired Fashion Without Looking Like You're In A Costume

We're going back... from the future. Into 1980s world of fashion.

The Greatest 80s Fashion Trends

Scrunched Socks - even better than scrunched socks... layered, scrunched socks. :o)

Versace Girls

Pin for Later: 50 Totally Rad Trends From the and Scrunched Socks To be worn with your favorite pair of Keds or LA Gear hi-tops.

Vintage 80s Abstract Bold Crazy Print Shirt Blouse Top Oversize

Vintage 80s Abstract Bold Crazy Print Shirt Blouse Top Oversize or 18/20

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