80s stickers // "Make Yourself Scarce!" "Take a Hike!" "Come off it!" "Get Lost!" "Be Gone Bozo!" "Just Cool It!" "Float Away Air Head!" "But Off!" "Well Excuuse Me!" "Gross Me Out!"

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Memphis Patterns. Above, left to right, top to bottom: Michele De Lucchi, “Fantastic,” 1981; Ettore Sottsass, “Rete 2,” 1983; Michele De Lucchi, “Traumatic,” 1983; Michele De Lucchi, “Micidial,” 1981; Ettore Sottsass, “Serpente,” 1979; Ettore Sottsass, “Lamiera,” 1983; Christoph Radl, “Isole,” 1982; Michael Podgorschek, “Argilla,” 1982.

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2 | These Memphis-Inspired House Goods Are A Nostalgic Nod To The '80s | Co.Design | business + design

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Harding Meyer (b1964 Porto Alegre, Brazil); since 1980's lives and works in Germany (Berlin + Karlsruhe).

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