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rock em sock em robots - loved it when their heads popped off

Vintage Baby Rattler Toy Keys 1970's.

Vintage Baby Rattler Toy Keys matter how old I was, I ALWAYS wanted to play with these for some reason!

I bought this for my son this past Christmas... he wasn't enthralled with it like I was. Hmmm... must be because we don't have all of the super cool Master Mind commercials anymore.

Loved this game! Played with my Dad all the time. Still have ghe original in the closet

1976 Ballerina Barbie was my first.

Ballerina Barbie one 'till we strapped a bottle rocket to her with black electrical tape, lit the fuse, and shot her into the woods. wasn't the same after she hit the tree.

1970s toy Barbies Friendship United Airlines airplane play carry case W/ Acc.

toy Barbies Friendship United Airlines airplane play carry case W/ Acc.

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THIS is my childhood! Vintage Waterful Ring Toss Water Game Toy - this provided many hours amusement on our caravan holidays

The 1970 Hot Wheels Mongoose & Snake Drag Race Set. When we lost to many pieces, my brother and I chased each other smacking one another and leaving welts.

1970 Hot Wheels Mongoose and Snake Drag Race Set

Hot Wheels with race track loops . Used to play with these while my brother wasn't looking! - I confess, I'm not too old to still play with toys!

1970s toys | And here are some pictures of my Death Star Space Station:

Death Star Playset - the coolest part was the garbage container - it was full of foam.

Baby Alive. My mom thought I was too old for dolls and bought this for my step-sister. She soon became mine. :)

Always wanted one. Then I played with my cousin's and realized it was kinda scary. When she "chewed" her food, she sounded like a small garbage disposal.

Vintage Spirograph game 1968 No 401 Canadian by PourToujours - OMG I loved Spirograph when I was a kid - I spent hours and hours using it.