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hair-Susie had sort of curly, mousy hair, and although she did not value beauty the most, she did want to feel pretty to be liked by boys, especially Ray Singh

Ursula Andress makeup:

Boho is such an astounding style – it quickly helps us to remember wavy hair, heaps of adornments pieces and long, flower dresses.

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12 Glamorous Retro 60's Hairstyles for Women

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1970’s Hairstyles The 1970s were almost as wild and free as the 1960s, maybe more so if you add in the addition of Disco and all its trappings. It seemed to be more a way of life than just a type of music i.e.; the hairstyles, clothing and make-up-in a way the Disco of the[Read the Rest]

Trends in 1970s Women’s Vintage Inspired Hairstyles

The History Of Hairstyles! So interesting and cool ;). xo

The History of Hair Infographic

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Bang Gangs: How the Coolest Girls Wear Bangs

Farrah Fawcett People, THIS is the '70s style that launched a million posters and inspired a decade of copycats. The Charlie's Angels star's flipped-out style was made even more marvelous by her own natural texture. "Her hair was actually curly, and the look was achieved by this very thick, layered cut coupled with blowing and curling her hair away from her face," says Josh. #refinery29 http://www.refinery29.com/70s-hairstyles#slide-7

The Eternally-Cool '70s Hairstyles We Still Can't Get Enough Of