The Beatles is beginning of the hippie movement Cuối những năm 1960, phong cách hippie đã phổ biến rộng rãi, và là phong trào yêu thích của giới trẻ. Tuy phong cách này chỉ tồn tại trong khoảng thời gian ngắn ngủi, nhưng nó cũng đã gây được ấn tượng lớn và sâu sắc đến tận ngày nay

Jeans became popular when the hippies started to wear them. george harrison, pattie boyd, derek taylor in san francisco, 1967

Fashionable ladies in London (1960's)

English hippie girls in swinging London, 1960s

English hippie girls in swinging London, Not real hippies, way too glam. What makes these hippies? They're both wearing very heavy makeup. The one on the left is wearing a black leather jack.

1960s fashion for women. How to create the look with vintage inspired 1960s style dresses, shoes and accessories at

1960s Fashion: What Did Women Wear?

fashion history for women. A return to youth, shocking colors, shorter hemlines, pop art and the hippie movement. What did women wear?

The Free People Festival 2012 Photoshoot Features Chic Looks #photoshoots #fashion

Ethereal 60s Captures

Vintage Hippie Boho Bohemian Tassel Lace Bell Batwing Sleeve Mini Dress Top NEW in Clothing, Shoes, Accessories, Women's Clothing, Dresses

Flower Power:  #Flower #Power ~ 1960s hippie fashion.

I love hippies. A REAL hippie that is. Not the stupid "hipsters" of my sad generation.

1960s-style Lou-Lou Dress by Motel, which is available at Topshop

A take on a late psychedelic style, courtesy of the Lou-Lou Dress by Motel. And no, this isn’t vintage, nor is it on a specialist site for clo

Late 60′s “Peasant” Style Hippie Clothes

1960s Fashion: What Did Women Wear?

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Hippie fashion represented the ideals of the hippie culture- rebelling against consumerism- and clothes were often either handmade…