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:iconbasaktinli: Disney Princesses in Fashion by BasakTinli < I know I pinned this before but this is my favourite clothing year

Easy Guide to a 1940's Woman's Dress and Style | Glamourdaze

A rare film collection by Glamourdaze of vintage women's fashion.Featuring archive movie footage of womens, dress fashion, hairstyles, makeup styles,

1950s sweaters, cardigans, twin set tops for pinup and rockabilly fashion

1950s Sweaters, 50s Cardigans, Twin Sweater Sets

Shop new style sweater tops, crop cardigans and classic twin sets. Vintage inspired cardigans pair perfectly with pinup skirts and capri pants.

1950s bay doll heel shoes by Aldens called "Baby Toes"

1950s Shoe Styles- History and Shopping Guide

Women's Fashion from a 1959 catalog. Wish I lived in this era

1959 vintage fashion style color photo print ad blouse shirt top pink floral black gold white puff sleeves portrait collar peter pan button down back

50s for men. YES. I love that my man dresses like this!

Paul Boche, Michael Elmquist & Jay Nodland by Jacob Axelman for WWD

These group of men represent slight elements of the teddy boys within the The main teddy boy element would be the hair style called the DA hairstyle.