Lace or embroidered panels for cuffs & turnbacks. The Red Priest: Men's Fashion from the 18th Century Part 1

The eighteenth century monied male was often a peacock, eager to display his taste and wealth, and fond of lavishly decorated or patterned fabrics, and bright striking colours. The usual outfit remained the three piece suit of coat, waistcoat and breeches

glamorous. fabulous. charming. fun. flirty. elegant. exciting. delicate. whimsical. wonderful....

Fashion Century ball gown dress ensemble costume circa from Made from very fine silk, lace and trim with embroidered small flower floral pattern in off white woven into the pale blue background. Hat decorated with millinery flower.

18th century garters

The girl let out a giggle as her skirts fell to the floor. They crumpled about her feet in a heap and Jack simply grinned. “Darling stockings you have there.” Yet again she let out a squeal, eagerly grasping at the silken garters with trembling hands.

18th Century Gentlemans Frock Coat, wool, CT9001, long silk waistcoat available separately. Brass effect floral button used with this coat.

Century Gentlemans Frock Coat, wool, long silk waistcoat available separately. Brass effect floral button used with this coat.

18th century hair style

Tutorial for very beautiful Edwardian inspired hair .Would make a very nice Rococo hairstyle with otehr ornaments. How to make a 3 minutes easy no heat curl forming hairdo with INVISIBLE hair iCurlers.

working woman's outfit.  Note the shorter petticoat

This is a brown/orange petticoat. She has a bonnet on her head and under her petticoat is a white apron and has a skirt on.

18th Century Gentleman [ book inspiration: a set of 'gentleman's & ladies' books. Two books in the set one clearly masculine & one feminine, in a clamshell box. ]

The Onslaught of Post-Glutton Gloom

Eighteenth Century men’s wig: Men who could afford it bought wigs. Full-bottomed wigs were preferred up until where the French toupee or English foretop became popular afterwards. They were made by human hair and were powdered for formal dress.

Before the Automobile: 18th century clothing

made by The Aristocat, a Finnish woman, self-taught amateur seamstress, making historical clothing, focusing on the and the century

18th century waistcoat.  And how to embroider one.  LOVE.

Embroidering an 18th Century Waistcoat

Detail of costumes designed by Michael O’Connor for The Duchess (2008). Images courtesy of fripperiesandfobs

Detail of late Century Georgian costumes by award winning designer Michael O'Connor for 'The Duchess', - images courtesy of fripperiesandfobs

Samples of 18th century textile motifs

The big stylized patterns from the beginning of century tend to disappear for big spaces lefts without designs & they are finally replaced by stripes & small flowers. Colours are light and rich, dark colours are rare to be found

As far as I can tell, these are the most historically accurate, well-fitted reproduction undergarments that I have ever seen.  Clearly, this woman is a genius.  And a perfectionist.  Emphasis on the genius.  Before the Automobile: 1780's stays

My favorite surviving century stays can be found in the Victoria & Albert museums collections. As my previous stays were starting to s.