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1800 Silver Tequila 750ML

Liquorama - 1800 Silver Tequila 750ML, $29.99 (

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White Peach Margarita from BJs - 1800 Silver Tequila, Cointreau Orange Liqueur, Monin White Peach and BJ's Freshly Prepared Sweet & Sour.

1800 Ultimate Pineapple Margarita RTD 1.75L

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1800 Silver is 100pct. Agave Tequila and has an exceptionally clean, silky smooth taste. Enjoy this premium tequila straight or mixed to create the ultimate margarita.

A Guide to Popular Tequila Brands

1800 Tequila released a 100 proof blanco in 1800 Select Silver Tequila has found a nice balance of high alcohol content and smooth, silver tequila.

Top Shelf Margarita- Fresh lime, lemon and pressed sugarcane juice hand shaken with 1800 Silver Tequila and Cointreau.

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