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1st half of 14 th century, silk tunic, woolen surcote with red linen, woolen cap trimmed with fur


Khmer Gold Necklace Inlaid with an Emerald and Two Rubies - CK.0034 Origin: Southeast Asia Circa: 12 th Century AD to 14 th Century AD


reconstruction of the Bocksten tunic, worn by Bocksten man, whose body was found in 1936 in Bocksten - a peat bog in Holland, in southwest Sweden. First half of 14th century.


Birchwood and stag horn saddle, probably Italian, 14th century delicately carved birch wood. Into this, plaques of bone have been inlaid. enhanced with green and red tinting. of scrollwork and gothic lettering point to kingdom of Bohemia.

themoonphase: annajungdesign: ‘천상열차분야지도’ - 14th century Korean star map (digital image) ॐ The Hippie Treehouse ॐ

Cheonsang Yeolcha Bunyajido is a 14th-century Korean star map, carved on a flat black stone. Korean Royal Museum, Seoul, Korea